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The Force Group offers many different types of mortgage loans to many different kinds of people, but conventional loans are by far our most requested loan program. Conventional loans are backed by private companies instead of the government. They offer competitive interest rates and low down payment models to match many of our client's needs. Here are four essential points to note about conventional loans from your friends at The Force Group.

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Private Mortgage Insurance can be removed after 80% of loan is paid off

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Up to 10 properties can be financed


Private Mortgage Insurance can be removed after 80% of loan is paid off


Benefits of Conventional Mortgages

Conventional mortgages have plenty of great benefits, making them a perfect fit for the majority of home buyers. They can be offered with only 3-5 percent minimum down. Another great benefit is that you can have up to ten properties financed with these loans.

A lot of borrowers have questions about Mortgage Insurance. It is important to note that this payment can be removed from your monthly statement once you have paid down 80 percent of your loan.

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12 to 20 Days Until Closing

With conventional loans, the process of acquiring your new house happens quicker than with other loan programs. The average rate to close usually falls between 30 to 45 days after accepting the offer to buy. The Force Group can cut that time in half and have you decorating your new home in no time. Through comprehensive data gathering, The Force Group delivers a faster closing rate than the other mortgage lenders.

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Same Day Underwriting Approvals

The underwriting process can take time; from verifying pay stubs to checking your credit history, the entire application can take up to two weeks with some mortgage lenders. The Force Group always prefers to complete the underwriting process on the same day whenever possible. If you can deliver the forms and information needed on time, we promise to provide your underwriting process on the same day.

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Appraisal Rush Orders

Having a home appraisal conducted is necessary for the home-buying process; there’s no way around it. With details regarding your new home’s market value, property condition, and sales history, it can take up to two weeks for your appraisal to be ready. For those who need that information in a quicker turnaround, The Force Group offers appraisal rush orders to help speed up the process. Learn more about appraisal rush orders by contacting us today!

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Custom Loan Term Options

If you are experiencing problems finding a loan program that works for you, perhaps it’s time to start a conversation with The Force Group about our custom loan term options. When it comes to home financing, one size doesn’t fit all. Whether it’s extending a loan term or trying to lower mortgage payments, The Force Group wants to work with you to make your dream of homeownership come true!

The Force Group is committed to helping you acquire your dream home. From conventional loans to FHA mortgages, we’ll help lead you through your loan options, creating a home loan that’s ideal for you. Partner with The Force Group Today!

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Approvals and turn around times on loans can vary based on the borrowers individual circumstances.