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The Force Group provides the leading commercial loans to businesses to enhance earning potential, while keeping you competitive through strong and robust finances.

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Commercial Lending For Your Business

The Force Group understands the richness of our Miami business community, which is why we’ve created commercial lending options that support each type — it’s all about bridging cash flow gaps, stabilizing your business, and preparing you for expanding in the future!

As you’re working diligently to fortify your business to make it profitable, we’re by your side with the commercial loans to help you get there.

We take a complex process and make it effortless. Partner with us to learn more about how to qualify for a commercial loan.

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Types of Commercial Loans

The Force Group will guide you every step of the way in the commercial lending process, but here is a breakdown of the types of commercial loans you may have available.

Traditional Term Loan

If your business is faced with a rather large expense, a traditional term loan may be a great option. This is one large lump sum of cash that can be paid back over time with interest set by the bank.

Short Term Loan

For a smaller amount of money that needs to be borrowed, a short term loan is great. This type of commercial loan is paid back with interest over three to 18 months.

SBA Loan

For a commercial loan with low interest rates and one that is backed by the government, an SBA loan is ideal for businesses that need to borrow money for a recurring expense or a one-time amount.

Commercial Real Estate Loan

From investing in a new commercial real estate property to upgrading to a new one, a commercial real estate loan is available.


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With more than 30 years of commercial lending experience, The Force Group has the personal insights and professional wherewithal to provide the commercial loans your business needs.

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Acquiring a commercial mortgage loan has some distinct advantages.

Keep Control of Ownership through a Commercial Loan

One of the most important benefits of going with a commercial mortgage is that you retain total ownership over your business. Instead of selling an interest or raising funds, you maintain complete control. Your success is entirely your own to keep. You've worked hard to get your business in a situation where a commercial mortgage makes sense for you. Don't risk the future of your company by selling interest, especially when commercial loans help you maintain that control.

You Benefit as the Property Appreciates in Value

Additionally, when you own your own property or building, you gain the advantages of appreciation on that property. Much like a traditional residential mortgage, your initial investment could see positive gains on return. The money received from the appreciation of your property can be used for further expansion, research and development, advertising or in any other way that you as the business owner sees fit. This advantage alone makes commercial property investment worth it. Our commercial lending specialists can help craft a plan for you that shows which properties are best for your company's situation. Together you can find the right solution to grow your business.

Improve Cash Flow with a Commercial Loan

Another great advantage of owning your own business property is improved cash flow. With a minimal up-front payment, you can design a repayment schedule that fits your needs perfectly. This flexibility allows you to keep your money longer, allowing you to spend it where you see fit. Your repayment schedule will be determined by the kind of property as well as the needs of your company. We can help you determine the repayment schedule that works best for your situation.

Commercial Properties are Eligible for Tax Deductions

When owning your own commercial property, you’ll also be the beneficiary of tax breaks. Interest paid on your commercial mortgage is tax deductible as well as any maintenance or repairs that you make to the property.

Property Depreciation Reduces Taxes and Improves Cash Flow

Not only can you write-off interest paid on your property; you can also claim a depreciation deduction. This unique concept allows business owners to deduct the amount your property has depreciated by in the last year. Depending on your property, your depreciation deduction can sometimes range in the tens of thousands of dollars. This advantage to commercial properties can save you money over time.

To find other great benefits of owning your commercial property, please speak with one of our commercial mortgage specialists today or apply online now!